PRK Method Surgery

PRK is Photorefractive Keratectomy. It is also known as Surface Ablation.

PRK is performed without creating corneal flap. In PRK the epithelium of the patient’s eye is removed or scrapped off by applying alcohol to the corneal epithelium.

After the epithelium is removed, the correction is performed by Excimer Laser Beam which reshapes the cornea. It is according to the refractive error of the patient.

Once the Ablation is over Mitomycin C is applied to the ablated area which prevents the formation of corneal haze. Thorough wash is given and bandage contact lens is placed on the patient’s eye.

Patient can go home immediately after the completion of procedure on the other eye.

Epithelial healing in PRK usually takes place within 3-5 days. During that time patient has to wear bandage contact lenses and come for regular follow up visit.

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PRK is more painful than Lasik.

Patient can get normal vision after 2-3 weeks.

Patient has to instil Antibiotics EYE Drops, Anti Inflammatory and Lubricating Eye Drops for longer period of time.

It is considered to be safer than Lasik by some ophthalmologists as there is no creation of Corneal Flap.

PRK was initially practiced before Lasik was introduced.

We can give choice to the patients for any of the procedure.

At our centre PRK is performed on the eyes of the patient having numbers less than -5D and for the patient who aspires to join railway, Army, Navy, Police Force Etc.

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