LASIK Pre Operative Procedure

LASIK Pre Operative Procedure

Slit lamp examination: To examine and rule out any corneal disease like corneal dystrophy, opacity, SPK, infection etc.

Autoref. Examination: Computerised eye testing of patient’s eyes for numbers.

Cycloplegic – Refraction: It is conducted to determine the exact number of the patient’s eye by dilating the pupils. It helps to exactly determine the numbers of the patient’s eye.

Topography: Corneal topography is conducted to determine the corneal curvature and to rule out corneal conditions like Keratoconus and other corneal curvature condition of the patient's eye.

Pachymetry: It is conducted to measure corneal thickness.

Tonometry: It is conducted to measure the Intraocular Pressure of patient’s eyes. If IOP is very high then laser vision correction is done after controlling it.

Fundoscopy: It is done to examine the interior of the eye, to rule out cataract any retinal problem in patient’s eyes.

Aberomentry: It is conducted to find out any higher order aberrations of patient’s eyes.

Pentacam-HR: Examination to rule out anterior as well post Keratoconus, corneal thickness and cornea related problems of patient’s eyes.

Schirmer’s Test: It is conducted to measure the dryness in patient’s eye.


It is essential to undergo thorough eye check up before best eye laser treatment in Ahmedabad.

Contact lens should be discontinued 2-3 days before the procedure for soft contact lens and 7-10 days for hard contact lens.

Eye make-up is not allowed for 3 days before Lasik treatment.

Antibiotic eye drops prescribed by the doctor should be used for 3 days before the procedure.

Perfume / cologne / deodorants should not be used on the day of the treatment.

Patient should bring sun glasses along with them on the day of the Laser treatment to protect their eyes from dust.

Have a person accompanying you. May be a family member or a friend. We request you that it would be best if not more than 2 members accompany the patient to avoid unnecessary anxiety for the patient and chaos for the staff.

The accompanying person should know how to drive the vehicle as you would not be able and allowed to drive back home.

No smoking on the day of the surgery.

Do not consume any alcohol or sedatives that could make you drowsy prior to the surgery. View More for Lasik Operation in Ahmedabad, cataract surgery in Ahmedabad.