Eye Hospital in Surat

Dr. Rajesh Shah is a leading Surat Optometrist (Eye doctor) is best in class board-certified ophthalmologist in Surat. To give back to the medical community, our top eye specialist doctors, Ophthalmologist and Optometrist actively participating in the training and proctoring of residents, and surat ophthalmologists and other eye physicians . In addition, optometry specialist Dr, Rajesh Shah and best rated Surat opthamologist Dr. Rajesh Shah a frequently sought-after expert in the media, including regular appearances on major news outlets.

Comprehensive Eye Care in Surat, Gujarat

Opthamologist and optometrist in Surat provide top-quality services including child/pediatric ophthalmology to treat a wide range of eye problems including glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, crossed eyes and corneal disease. Sanjivani Eye Hospital Ahmedabad also offer affordable LASIK eye surgery in Surat, Gujarat.

Eye Treatments in Surat

  • => Astigmatism
  • => Contact Lenses
  • => Blepharitis
  • => Hordeolum (Stye)
  • => Cataracts
  • => Refractive Error
  • => Conjunctivitis
  • => Uveitis (eye inflammation)

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At Sanjivani Eye Hospital Specialists, you’ll find a top rated opthamologist and optometrist in Surat, Gujarat. compassionate and individualized Optometry & Ophthalmology hospital in Surat. In our facility we are using latest medical developments available in the Surat. Get the eye hospital Surat you need in the reassuring hands of the best eye specialists in Surat.

Dr. Rajesh Shah M.D. of Sanjivani Eye Hospital's leading Eye Doctors in Surat offers best in class eye treatments to patients from around the Surat area, Surat tourists, and from all over the Gujarat and the world. If you are a Ahmedabad tourist, please call us.

Important Reminder: This information is only intended to provide guidance, not definitive medical advice. Please consult an eye doctor about your specific condition in Surat. Only a trained opthamologist, optometrist or pediatric ophthalmologist like Dr. Rajesh Shah can determine an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment in Surat, Gujarat.