Lasik Post Operative Procedure

Post-Operative Preparation / Advice After Treatment

the prescribed eye drops should be instilled into the operated eyes immediately after the procedure.

it is necessary to wash the hands with soap before putting drops in the eyes.

after the Lasik procedure, there will be some pain, watering, foreign body sensation and blurred vision for 6 hours.

patient can take the pain relieving tablet immediately after the procedure.

for protection from dust and glare, it is mandatory to use sun glasses for a few days after you undergo the surgery.

note that these sun glasses are just to protect your eyes from the dust and glare and it is only necessary to wear while you are driving or riding your vehicle.

it is not needed when you are in your house or office.

the patient can resume work from very next day.

the patient can take bath and wash their face with soap and water from the next day. Only splashing water directly in the eye is to be avoided. No swimming and eye makeup for 15 days after surgery.

the patient can go for movies, work on computer, cook and all other routine activities.

for food, there is no restriction. You can eat whatever and as much as you wish.

if sudden pain develops or vision becomes blurred, the patient should contact the doctor immediately.

we are available 24X7, for any emergency for any lasik eye problem at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.