Eye Microsurgery

Microsurgery has been around for over 30+ years. It has an unmatched safety record. It is a different technique, not replaced by laser. It does not rely on removing tissue, however accurately that is done. It relies on the body's own healing process.

Sanjivani Eye Hospital is one of the leading Eye Microsurgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The key factor for any surgery is to be predictable, not necessarily precise. Yes, machines can be more precise at removing tissue (though the mechanical cutters used in laser surgery are quite variable). We rely on the skills and training of our surgeons to work together with your body's own healing to achieve the required results. Some parts of laser eye surgery are actually less predictable than other forms of surgery.

Different people do better with different treatments. At the LCRS, because we are not reliant on a single technique, we only use microsurgery when it offers the best result for the patients. We also offer lens implants, CK and other forms of treatment.

Microsurgery works by short cuts which slightly flatten the cornea. LASIK cuts a large flap, which can be lifted with a spatula more than 7 years later, and then vapourises tissue underneath. The area and depth covered are not comparable. Laser has a much larger impact on the volume and strength of the cornea, as well as affecting the line of vision.